About Us

Who we are

We are a collective of experienced, independent Information Technology and Business Development professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds and industries brought together by one common goal:

To rapidly deliver quality software solutions adapted to your needs as a growing business.

Based out of Canada, we offer services in French and English.


How we work

Our core team starts working directly with you to determine the foundations:

  • What you do today
  • What your objectives are for tomorrow
  • How a CRM or custom software solution can help you be more efficient right now and reach your future goals.


As we get to understand your business needs, we'll build a recommendation for software solutions that can satisfy your requirements while respecting your budget and timelines.

Pro tip: CRM solutions don't have to break the bank. License costs can be as low as 12$ CAD, per month, per user, or up to hundreds of dollars depending on the platform and services selected. Some solutions are even available for free with a limited number of user licenses. 


Our recommendations include timelines so you know what to expect and will have provisions for training and support so you can feel confident starting with your shiny new software solution.


Key to success

Drawing from extensive experience in fast-paced environments, delivering enterprise software solutions for start-ups, large corporations, multinationals, government and non-profit organizations, we have consistently witnessed a crucial rule: a successful software implementation hinges on establishing a strong foundation.


What is a solid foundation in this context? It comprises two fundamental components:

  1. Eliciting and gathering clear, accurate, and comprehensive Business Requirements:
    • Business requirements are the specific needs, goals, or problems that your organization aims to address.
    • Gathering Business Requirements is a collaborative process between you and us and serves as the baseline for how you will use the software solution.
  2. Designing the Solution in alignment with the Business Requirements:
    • The solution design entails creating a detailed plan and blueprint for developing a software application that addresses your unique business needs.
    • This involves analyzing requirements, defining system components, and determining the appropriate architecture, technologies, and implementation approaches.


By thoroughly defining and fleshing out these foundational elements, the subsequent development, configuration, testing, and deployment activities will proceed smoothly. Emphasis on this approach minimizes interruptions such as misunderstandings, errors, scope-creep, and the need to backtrack due to unforeseen difficulties.


The experts in our network are usually fully committed to significant projects for clients or their own ventures. By presenting them with a Solution Design rooted in dependable Business Requirements, we can engage their skills as required while respecting their valuable time and optimizing the cost-effectiveness of their expertise.

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